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Top synonym for brain death (another word for brain death) is braindead. Definition and synonyms of brain death from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. March 2018 - Thirteen-year-old Trenton McKinley of Alabama recovered and is doing well after doctors pronounced him "brain dead" and "his organs were matched to five children who needed them", never mind the fact that he needed them himself. brain death | definition: death when respiration and other reflexes are absent; consciousness is gone; organs can be removed for transplantation before the heartbeat stops | synonyms: death, cerebral death| antonyms: birth, beginning, middle 1 synonym for brain death: cerebral death. 1. Find more similar words at! Real Science Radio's list of "brain dead" patients who've recovered tells shows that doctors and hospitals are sometimes dead wrong.. Go Trenton! View the pronunciation for brain death. How to use brain-dead in a sentence. A. Change your default dictionary to American English. Is “brain-dead” the same as dead? Synonyms for Harvard criteria for brain death in Free Thesaurus. What are synonyms for Harvard criteria for brain death? Yes. Antonyms for Harvard criteria for brain death. The brain is a mass of soft, spongy, pinkish gray nerve tissue that weighs about 1.2 kg in a human being. All Free. Related terms for 'brain death': acidity, acne, ADD, ADHD, alcoholism, allergy, alopecia, amenorrhoea, amnesia, anaemia, anaphylactic shock Brain Death synonyms. brain [brān] that part of the central nervous system contained within the cranium, comprising the forebrain (prosencephalon), midbrain (mesencephalon), and hindbrain (rhombencephalon); it develops from the embryonic neural tube. This is the British English definition of brain death.View American English definition of brain death. Brain-dead definition is - characterized by brain death. Top synonyms for brain death (other words for brain death) are braindead, cerebral death and brain dead. brain death - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Synonyms for brain death include irreversible coma, local death and somatic death. A state of prolonged irreversible cessation of all brain activity, including lower brain stem function with the complete absence of voluntary movements, responses to stimuli, brain stem reflexes, and spontaneous respirationsReversible conditions which mimic this clinical state (e.g., sedative overdose, hypothermia, etc.) Many people think death happens when the heart stops beating and the lungs stop breathing, but machines can support those functions when the brain … Related Definitions for "brain death": death when respiration and other reflexes are absent; consciousness is gone; organs can be removed for transplantation before the heartbeat stops 1 Related Synonyms for brain death Brain Death (n.). Brain death synonyms and Brain death antonyms.

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